Oral Histories of Professors and Faculty Regarding Online Learning


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Historical Methods 2020

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This collection of oral histories were taken from a number of faculty at Whittier College regarding their experiences and perspectives with online learning. Within these interviews, there are the testimonies of; Alondra Morales, Assistant Director at CAAS; Dr. Rosemary Carbine, professor of Religious Studies; and Dr. Jose Orozco, professor of History. These perspectives span across disciplines in order to represent the difficulties, successes, and concerns of different departments to see how Covid-19 and the transition to online learning have impacted them.

Alondra Morales Interview 10_19_20 - Google Docs.pdf (76 kB)
Transcript for Alondra Morales Interview

Professor Carbine Interview (UNEDITED).mp4 (674344 kB)
Zoom Interview with Professor Rosemary Carbine

Professor Carbine interview transcript.pdf (116 kB)
Transcript for Rosemary Carbine Interview

Professor Orozco Interview (UNEDITED).mp4 (157599 kB)
Zoom Interview with Professor Jose Orozco

Professor Orozco interview transcript.pdf (101 kB)
Transcript For Jose Orozco Interview

Professor McBride Interview .pdf (62 kB)
Email interview with Professor Mike McBride

Professor Bethany Wong Interview.pdf (75 kB)
Interview with Professor Bethany Wong

Professor Christina Bauer Interview.pdf (472 kB)
Statement and Syllabi of Professor Christina Bauer

Professor Furman-Adams letter.pdf (296 kB)
Letter from Professor Wendy Furman-Adams

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