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Historical Methods 2020

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It has become common to dismiss a simple chain of emails, however, this chain of emails from The Poet Update began after only three days following Whittier College’s decision to move learning and teaching online.

From March 13th to April 28th, the following emails reveal the plan of action for students and faculty for moving forward as one, as well as some of the changing conditions regarding student grades, graduate admissions, waivers, fees, and the matters specifically dealing with the success of students and faculty. What is inferred from this initial email, which was released only three days after the college's decision to move online, is the complex obstacles that students and faculty were to face in the beginning stages of moving all classes online. When it comes to the topic and urgency of a pandemic, Whittier College took swift action in these circumstances regarding students and faculty. We understand from these email updates that both students and faculty were informed well in advance of any updates regarding the transition to online learning. Students and Faculty were also informed early of any information on opportunities for students to engage and stay connected with Whittier College’s essential resources, such as online tutoring, counseling, and academic mentoring.


See attached the records of the emails from 3.24.2020 and 3.27.2020.

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