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Spring 2020

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This series of emails sent from the Poet Update announces the virtual commencement ceremony for the graduating class of 2020 and addresses changes to housing accommodations in the fall for returning students. The first three emails outline the ways in which students could participate in activities, including digital Poet Pride, Senior Week, and Cultural Graduations. For Poet Pride, students could download photo backgrounds of different areas of the college and a printable graduation sign. Senior Week with the Career Center aimed at developing useful insights into the job market, especially with the challenges of COVID-19. Whittier College hosts cultural graduations alongside regular commencement, however, 2020’s programs were held virtually. The last email illustrates the flexibility of plans during the pandemic. The email establishes plans, precautions, and changes to residential life once students returned in the fall. This projected timeline of welcoming students back to campus ultimately did not happen in the fall of 2020.