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Historical Methods 2020

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Gender: Woman, Age: 20, Ethnicity: Latinx, Year: Third Year, Pronouns: She/her/hers

When the school sent out the first round of the Emergency Relief Grant, this Whittier College student received a total of $275 out of the possible $575. In an interview with the student, she states that the money helped alleviate some of the financial impacts she experienced due to COVID-19 and being laid-off from her job. As a lower-income student, the grant money helped her provide for herself and her education to alleviate expenses for her family. Due to COVID, students of lower-income households have had to rely on assistance through the CARES Act and financial aid to continue their education and help their families with expenses they might not be able to cover. For many Whittier College students, like this student, the grant money went towards supporting themselves as not to burden their families.