Interview with Danni Salinas, Senior


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Spring 2021

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This interview with Danni Salinas, a senior history major, was performed on April 22, 2021 over Zoom. She recalls her initial reaction to Whittier College’s decision to transition to online learning following Spring Break 2020. She also discusses her difficulties with adapting to online learning, as well as her own resilience to complete her senior courses. She provides thoughtful responses to how the pandemic has impacted not only her senior plans but her plans after graduating. She also describes her excitement to return to campus to finish her last semester, as she is a winter graduate. She ends the interview by stating her hopes that the college will continue to consider the emotional and mental health of students going forward. The attached transcript provides a non-verbatim account of the interview with the same questions, and two additional questions not asked of the other respondents.

DSalinas Interview transcript.pdf (103 kB)
Transcript for Danni Salinas

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