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Whittier, CA


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • Letter To Our Professors by Darren Taylor
  • Unrequited Lover by Victor Vargas
  • Wear Something Silk for Quitting Time by Darren Taylor
  • Someone's Daughter by Elizabeth Reitzell
  • The Swimmer Speaks of Pools by Catherine King
  • I Really Wanted That Plum, Williams by Catherine Fans King
  • The Anniversary of Chaucer's Death by Catherine Fans King
  • At the Drive-In by Apollonia Galvan
  • Anonymous by Kady Oliker
  • Glass by Kady Oliker
  • One is None by Elizabeth Reitzell
  • Thoughts from the comedown by Elizabeth Reitzell
  • Adventures in Middle Earth by Victor Vargas
  • Prisoner of Fortune by Victor Vargas
  • A Life of Her Own by Catherine King
  • The Doghouse by Allison Gilbert
  • Think Tank by Jessica Miller
  • Pay to Breathe by Justin Dennis
  • The Many Things of Timothy Carl by Wesley Hackenberg
  • Dub-C by Courtney Jackson
  • A S.tory Told D.aily by Elizabeth Reitzell
  • Mrs. Moral Guardian Watches TV by Julie Sanchez
  • Margins by Victor Vargas
  • A Flowered Picture Frame by Carsen West
  • Eyes on You by Courtney Jackson
  • Deafheaven by Matthew Grant Arnson
  • Finding the Light by Kady Oliker
  • James Dean by Davis Gerber
  • Super Poets! by Catherine Fans King
  • Sunrise/Untitled by Julia Ellen Spruill Smith
  • The Heroine's Dilemma: Snow White's Dynamic Stupidity or Belle's Sedentary Intelligence? by Julie Sanchez
  • Arcadia: A Means to Embed Math in the Soul by Nicole Yamasaki
  • The Power of Words: How Lincoln Captivated the World in 3 Minutes by Esther Leon
  • The Survival of Pakistan by Anthony Akkawi
  • The Words that Brought Them Life by Emily Baeza
  • Beauty is Power by Charlotte Bailey
  • Chaos, Deconstruction, and Restoration: The World of Germinal through Souvarine's Eyes by Apollonia Galvan
  • Iñárritu's Amores Perros: A Thematic and Cinematographic Echoing of Italian Neorealism by Apollonia Galvan
  • Hollywood Hustles: Hollywood Myths Vs. Chow's Figurative Fists by Patrick Norton
  • The Virtue of Knowledge by I'Zrystal Valladares

2012 Literary Review (no. 25)