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Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • Sometimes by Rebecca Briggs Baker
  • The Jumper on First Street by Rebecca Briggs Baker
  • I Have Met a Grey Old Man Called Time by Nikolai Barkats
  • Valentine's Day by Nikolai Barkats
  • The Day the Fish People Fried by Nikolai Barkats
  • Sincerity by Aidee Campa
  • Upon Thy Brow by Dana Christensen
  • Chilled and Flamed by Dana Christensen
  • A Daily Life: An Excerpt by Dana Christensen
  • To: Tagalog by Samantha Cruz
  • Maybe Marriage Isn't So Bad by Samantha Cruz
  • Not a Haiku by Marika Fahndrich
  • What Will You Do, God, When I Die? by Leandro Fefer
  • What Will I Do, God, When You Die? by Leandro Fefer
  • The Harvest by Hallie Gayle
  • Cheap Beer by Savannah Guerrero
  • Let's Not Talk About It by Savannah Guerrero
  • Limit Free Dumb by Bo Gould
  • Big Busy-ness by Bo Gould
  • People Watching by Daniel Leewood
  • The Red Shoes: The Dance by Travis Nishii
  • A Bridge by Shirley Thao
  • Insanity by LIsa To
  • @JanieCrawford by Samantha Woehi
  • The Baccalaureate by Samantha Woehi
  • Sunday Morning by Kaylyn Wold
  • Delicatessen by Rebecca Briggs Baker
  • I Brush My Brain Every Night by Rebecca Briggs Baker
  • Scooby the Deer by Nicholas Berreras
  • Noworid by Derek Blankenship
  • Red Shoes by Marika Fahndrich
  • Gwine to Run All Day by Leandro Fefer
  • The Outside: An Excerpt by Cristian Perez
  • OR by Henry Webb
  • Chronology of a Couple by Siri Wilder
  • Oh Thus She Stood: An Excerpt by Derek Blankenship
  • My Preciousss: An Excerpt by Amanda Blazey
  • The Question of Parentage in Telemakhos and Oedipus by Katie Clendening
  • Embracing the Apocalypse by Karri Davis
  • Identifying Empathy for Homeostatic and Metamorphic Characters in Blood Meridian and The Road by Craig Frantz
  • How One Should Love: An Excerpt by Daniel Novak
  • Maya Angelou and Self-Loathing by Daniel Novak
  • Invisibility in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man: An Excerpt by Helene Sparangis
  • Wit in Late Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Literature: An Excerpt by Helene Sparangis
  • Untitled by Amanda Casey
  • Octopus Garden by Karri Davis
  • Larger than Life by Karri Davis
  • Epidemic by Marika Fahndrich
  • The Nannies by Marika Fahndrich
  • Pushing Boundaries by Alexander Hackworth
  • That's Marbles by Alexander Hackworth
  • A Painting's Worth 1,000 Words by Alexander Hackworth
  • In the Aeroplane by Alexander Hackworth
  • Stag by Robert Kondo
  • Cicada by Robert Kondo
  • Tell Me What the Rain Knows by Olivia Likens
  • JanTerm Recess by Katrina Locsin
  • Mexican Stud by Maricruz Argueta
  • Homeless by Emma Sakuda
  • Mist by Cecilia Scott Mist
  • Weatherbed by Cecilia Scott Mist
  • Flowers by Cecilia Scott Mist
  • Reflections by Cecilia Scott Mist
  • Megan and Brooke by Brooke Showalter
  • John Showalter by Brooke Showalter

2015 Literary Review (no. 28)