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Whittier, CA


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • I Wonder Why the Muse Has Risen in Me / Annealing of the Lamb by Shannon Jaime
  • Tomatoes by Wren Saito
  • Sonnet in E Minor / Urban Nature by Katy Simonian
  • Untitled by Lindy Blake
  • The Middle-Eastern Boy by Doris Youniara
  • Picture Perfect / Leave a Message by Shelly Converse-Rath
  • An Island of My Own / Suspended Over the River by Freddie Malcomb
  • Untouchable / Awakened Once More by Jannelle Andrade
  • The Nymph Tires of Facebook by Catherine King
  • Where In the World Is the Tropic of Orange? by Catherine King
  • The Fall of Babel by Bryanna Benedetti
  • East Bay by Bryanna Benedetti
  • Tomorrow They Will Cut Down This Forest by Mary Hellen Truglia
  • Jugo de Vodka by Mary Hellen Truglia
  • Translations - The Voice of Things by Nicole Beauchamp
  • Tale of Two Cities: The Idealist Meets Reality by Bryanna Benedetti
  • Eternal Damnation by Kady Oliker
  • "From the Postmodernist Cookbook" by Tina Rinaldi
  • The Most Rewarding Purpose by Jessica Miller
  • Titus Andronicus: The Dark Comedy by Jessica Miller
  • A Day Without Pants by Jessica Miller
  • As She Walked Out by Freddie Malcomb
  • The Winter's Tale or, The Spring of Eurynome by Catherine King
  • The Clash: A Relationship of Music and Life by Joseph Marlitt
  • Rainy Days and Mondays by Ronny Nevo
  • Welcome to Downtown Fullerton by Melissa Samarin
  • Lacrimosa - Musical Composition by Grace Chou
  • What's Your Blood Type? 0 Positive or Middle Class: An Analytical Essay on Dracula, Van Helsing and Blood by Emily Bacza
  • John Milton and Philip Larkin: Traditional and Contemporary Discussions of Time by Julia-Ellen Spruill-Smith
  • "What if the Duchess Should Speak?": Speech, Silence, and Submission in The Duchess of Malfi by Mary Helen Truglia
  • "Creating it every moment afresh": Representations of the Modern City in Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway and Boccioni's The City Rises by Mary Helen Truglia
  • When Science Looks Back: Animals and Morality by Tina Rinaldi
  • Meditation of the River, Light and Climb by Jannelle Andrade
  • The 20' Century US Citizen: the Living Dead by Nicole Gonzales
  • The Rape of Mina Harker, Victorian England's Model of Perfection by Nicole Gonzales
  • The Darkling Chamber: The Mystery of Mind in Virginia Woolf's "A Mark on the Wall" by Shannon Jaime
  • From "Separate but Equal" To Equal: The Treatment of African American WWII Veterans Upon Their Return, and The Effects on Their Masculinity by Kate Normand
  • Jane and the Broken Narratives by Catherine King
  • The Ultimate Art by Melissa Samarin
  • From Portia with Love: Drama within Comedy Through the Eyes of a Shakespearean Heroine by Katy Simonian
  • The Emptiness of Gender: The Inclusiveness of Women in the Buddhist Tradition by Katy Simonian
  • The Epic to End All Others by Christina Gunning
  • Upon Lotus Leaves / Ceylon 2009 by Bryanna Benedetti
  • Victims of Humanity by Bryanna Benedetti
  • Just the Two of Us by Shannon Atkins
  • Blind Love by Katie Jenkins-Moses
  • Untitled by Julia-Ellen Spruill-Smith
  • Santa Croce, Florence 2008 by Johanna Weber
  • Rodin Museum Fashion Shoot, Paris 2008 / Rome 2008 by Johanna Weber
  • June (Mostly) by Nicole Beauchamp
  • Shallow Water Blues / Save Your Soul Every Sunday / North Beach by Mitch Calmer
  • Amidst All the Craziness, I Always End Up in a Cab by Allen Feldman
  • The Mattress in the Sinkhole by John Jackson
  • The Finals Season by Catherine King
  • You Didn't Want My Heart by Abigail Chansler
  • Isaac by Jeff Wilson
  • Yellow Lemons by Jessica Miller
  • Beneath the Boards by Victor Vargas
  • The Cleaning Women by Joseph Larrea
  • Restoring Agbala: The Transitional Character of Ezinma in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart by Katy Simonian
  • Labyrinth, Labourinth, Labor intus: Inner Work and Female Subjectivity in Lady Mary Wroth's Pamphilia to Amphilanthus by Mary Helen Truglia
  • Fiction as Truth as Fiction: How Slaughterhouse-Five Troubles the Notion of Fictionality in Novels by Shelly Converse-Rath

2010 Literary Review (no. 23)