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Whittier, CA


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • Second Language Acquisition: Not Just for Kids Anymore by Shelley Converse-Rath
  • Elitist and Epistemological obstacles to Deep Ecology and Ethical Vegetarianism by Tristan Churchia
  • Still Her Slanted Eden Keeps: The Externalization of Self in Jean Rhys' Wide Sargasso Sea by Shannon Jaime
  • The Benefits of Maternal Care by Ley Ung
  • Transforming Images in 'Lycidas' by Sarah Miranda
  • Gender Identity Disorder's Harmful Effects: A Case for its Continued Inclusion in the DSM by Joselynn Cruz
  • Getting at Truth: Stein and Pekar's Quest to Resolve an Autobiographical Problem by Joselynn Cruz
  • Public Propriety and Private Persuasion in Pride and Prejudice: The Consequence of Reserve by Mary Helen Truglia
  • When you can live forever, what do you live for?': The Lord of the Rings and Issues of Mortality and Immortality by Mary Helen Truglia
  • Cicero, the Stoics, and Fate by Nate Kamiya
  • Muses of Poetry, Muses of Poison by Catherine King
  • Is Electroconvulsive Therapy Ethical? by Carlyn Werderman
  • Utopia in Modern America by Julia-Ellen Spruill-Smith
  • Jeans and Kisses by Dominic Romero
  • Menagerie of Life on the Streets of Morocco by Bryanna Benedetti
  • Leslie King —photography • "The Process of Decay" • "Obedience" • "Civilization" • "I Share"
  • Bryanna Benedetti -photography • "Allah Hu Akbar" • "To Have a Dream"
  • Farrin Ochoa —felt tip pen on paper • "Afrocentricity"
  • Callan Martinez - oil painting on canvas • "Time Will Break The World"
  • Yours by Martina Miles
  • Last Moment by Martina Miles
  • Trenton Boogie by Alexander Johnson
  • In Order by Martina Miles
  • on the edge of time with a man called Lonely by Brandon Halcomb
  • Amma and Appa: Life as Puja by Dorothy Tunnell
  • Sonnet 1 by Tristan Churchi
  • Scholarship 107 by Alexander Johnson
  • For Chan Marshall by Alexander Johnso
  • "Heart" • "The Lonesome Shore" • "Speak Softly, Butterfly" by Shannon Jaime
  • Polaroid by Farrin Ochoa
  • "Chicken Scratch" • "Jealous Sky" by Jessica Jacquez
  • Peregrinations and Merrymaking by Catherine King
  • Mashed Potatoes by Melody Gandy
  • "Poème d'Amour" / "Love Poem" • "Le Ciel d'Hiver" / "The Winter Sky" • "La Vérité de la Beauté" / "The Truth About Beauty" by Erica Travers
  • A Story to be Submitted to the Newsom Award by Lee Chan
  • Everysmell by Martina Miles
  • New Sensation by Matt Carney
  • A Home for Gretel by Brandon Halcomb
  • Kisses for the Ducks by Tina Rinaldi
  • Regina's Great Escape by Erica Travers
  • You Should Know Better by Kady Oliker
  • COMICBOOKLAND by Nate Kamiya

2009 Literary Review (no. 22)