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Whittier, CA


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • There is No Language That Isn't the Dharma by Whitney Moore
  • Necropolis by Andrea Orwoll
  • Torn Work Clothes by Georgia Faye Hirsty
  • I married Jesus in a parking lot by Michael Martin
  • American Dreamscape by Casimir Keniski
  • Blazing Horizons by Danielle Orner
  • Won't You Please? by Matt Carney
  • In Dreams by Michael Ettel
  • Real Family by Lee Beltrand Chan
  • The Post-Coital Cigarette Before the Orgasm: Postmodernism and French Philosophy by Lauren Stracner
  • Genocide 2006: Failing Marks for Governments and the Media by Wren Saito
  • Crusty the Clown by Kelly Muscolo
  • Roots by Michael Martin
  • Spring Throws a Party by Caitlin Renn
  • To My School Friend Who Visited Me in a Dream by Tatiana Mironova
  • Stars by Katy Majors-Foley
  • Days of Me by Whitney Moore
  • Kitchen Dream - Rainy Night in the Writer's Mind - Memorial in Asystole by Andrea Orwoll
  • The One-Two-Threes of Romance by Branden Boyer-White
  • From Wisconsin to Hawaii by Kelly Muscolo
  • Cabin by Danielle Orner
  • Theatre of the Absurd by Mark Bade
  • Harry Potter and the Completionist Letdown by Michael Aisa Rosenkrantz
  • The Vampyre Angel by Andrea Orwoll
  • Gollum, the Pilgrim of Mystruste by Lauren Stracner
  • Edgar Degas's Actress in Her Dressing Room from the Perspective of Baudelairian "Spleen" by Erica Lindquist
  • l Am Become Postmodernism, Destroyer of Nostalgia: Jay Cantor's Krazy Kat: A Novel in Five Panels Lauren Stracner
  • "I Hear the Streets of Cleveland Singing": The Unconventional Immediateness of Harvey Pekar's American Splendor by Branden Boyer-White
  • Love and Semba in Dante 's Inferno by Tenzing Doleck
  • How Did Migration After the Irish Famine Differ from That in the Pre-famine Period? by Molly Loesche
  • Significant Transformations by Shannon Siracuse
  • "The Motion of My Wing": The Grace of Movement and Freedom in Dante's Paradiso by Branden Boyer-White
  • Letting the Wilderness: Maya Angelou, Maxine Hong Kingston, and "The Vagina Monologues" by Martina Miles

2007 Literary Review (no. 20)