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Whittier College


Whittier, CA


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • Hummer by Julia Uelman
  • Umi Says by Justin D Angona
  • The Star Keepers by Aaron Jaffe
  • A Perfect Glass Sphere by Eric Dzinsky
  • He stopped the car and reached for the rifle by George Gonzales
  • Music Box by Karen Barragan
  • The Truth About Wanting by Jessica Gardezy
  • Out of China by Vanessa Giovacchini
  • Family Portrait by Aaron Jaffe
  • Augustine and Aquinas: An Evolution of the Medieval Mind by Lisa Ybarra
  • What Happened to the American Idiom? by Amber Hollingsworth
  • Read My Story: Aemilia Lanyer on Writing While Being Written by Eva Sevcikova
  • Striding for the Dream by Melissa Daley
  • An Insomniac Romance by Paco Alcaraz
  • Anna's Having a Bad Hair Day by Paco Alcaraz
  • Lost and Found by Nicole Palacios
  • The Mug You Gave Me Before You Died by Nicole Palacios
  • Aroma by Nicole Palacios
  • My Night with Rob by Joshua Sovell
  • Two Guys by Joshua Sovell
  • He Said To by Joshua Sovell
  • Roadkill by Greg Bone
  • The Couple Behind by Greg Bone
  • 2103 by Greg Bone
  • Growth by Lauren de Remer
  • Denial by Lauren de Remer
  • Not the Title by Justin Goldberg
  • Little House of Music by Justin Goldberg
  • The Trilogy I-Ill by Karen Barragan
  • The Blue Sheet by Karen Barragan
  • Poem for My Friend Lance, Dead at 38 by Karen Barragan
  • In Awe of the Great Ocean that Silences by James Ryan Young
  • My Peninsula by Aaron Jaffe
  • Dreaming of Hair by Amber Knutson
  • In the End by Andrea Garcia
  • Dead Girl Sometimes by Vanessa Giovacchini
  • Library sex by William Fenton-Hathaway
  • Saint Sabrina's Purgatory by Megan Dahlen
  • Mass versus Potential by Eric Mattys
  • A Hat for All Ages by Antonio Trepesowsky
  • The Varying Powers of Love by Leslie Piló
  • Hollywood Dream Industry: Shifting from Internal to External Goals by Leslie Piló
  • Rape As Performance of Nationalism and Masculinity by Greg Prieto

2003 - 2004 Literary Review (no. 17)