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Whittier College


Whittier, CA


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • Butterfly Photograph by Danielle Orner
  • A Childhood Sacred Space by Danielle Orner
  • Breakfast by Danielle Orner
  • Eating by Shannon Phillips
  • For the Penis I Don't Have by Shannon Phillips
  • I Couldn't Leave Him by Shannon Phillips
  • Capitalist Pilgrimage on Gold Stilettos by Vanessa Giovacchini
  • Sing Loud by Vanessa Giovacchini
  • Hungry by Vanessa Giovacchini
  • Monkey Prayers by Vanessa Giovacchini
  • Lady Who Lay by Kaitlyn Collier
  • Hitler's Mustache by Joseph Fontana
  • Eighty One by Rebecca Rehfeld
  • Ode to My Brother by Rebecca Rehfeld
  • White Hallways by Rebecca Rehfeld
  • My Empty Little Heart by Rebecca Rehfeld
  • Stony Ground (a song) by Ashley Young
  • Like a Huntsman by David Lame
  • Worry by Rebecca Lybrand
  • A Tragic Poet by Aaron Jaffe
  • Unprotected by Aaron Jaffe
  • Translation by Justin Goldberg
  • A Piece by Justin Goldberg
  • A night on your couch (resting my head in your lap) by Justin Goldberg
  • Maybe Tomorrow by Russel Der
  • Finally Done by Russel Der
  • Two Broken Windows Intact by Jason Jenkins
  • Phone Calls from the Long Forgotten by Kristin Adolfi
  • Grandpa's Basement by Kristin Adolfi
  • Karma by Jennifer Lang
  • I. Potential by Sarah Razor
  • II. Anything Can Breed by Sarah Razor
  • III. And I will give boys to be their princes by Sarah Razor
  • Till the Next Fix by Phoebe Feng
  • After the Showers by Phoebe Feng
  • Perfectly Unique by Phoebe Feng
  • Sand and the Coffer by Kaylee Carrington
  • Version by Kaylee Carrington
  • Love by Cassie Wright
  • Driving Down the 1-5 by Vanessa Giovacchini
  • Lovely Sugar by Vanessa Giovacchini
  • Relations by Eric Mattys
  • Fragmentation by Eric Mattys
  • Ashes to Dreams, Dreams to Ashes by Danielle Orner
  • Ma Vie en Noire by Katie Hunter
  • The Plagiarist by Aaron Jaffe
  • At the Wedding by Adam Witten
  • The Goblin by Justin Goldberg
  • Holding It by Josh Sovell
  • Rest by Josh Sovell
  • Elbow Dimples and Other Factors of Glamour by Cassie Wright
  • Forty Bucks Eric Mattys
  • Nevermore by Adam E. Ekbom
  • Desperate Tactics of a Ten Year Old Chimney Sweep by Katie Hunter
  • Practically Perfect by Jessica Stowell
  • Excerpt From by Greg Bone
  • A Strange Bird by Justin D'Angona
  • Stolen Car by Lindsey Hawkins
  • Transforming the Nation With Overalls and Architecture by Julia Tyack
  • Analysis of "Daddy" and "Rape" by Rebecca Rehfeld
  • "Next, Please": A Closer Look by Eric Rivera
  • Creating the Dream: A Brotherhood by Sean Kark
  • Realism, Reform, and the Metropolis by Katie Hunter
  • Baby Tuckoo Writes a Journal by Christina Gutierrez
  • The Musical Language by David Laine
  • The Ascent of Piety by Joshua Bans
  • The Father, The Son, and The Holy Sophia?: The Bridge Between Hebrew Thought in the Old and New Testaments by David Laine
  • Dante: A critical analysis of selected passages from The Divine Comedy by Chris McKeon
  • A Trinity of Images in the Commedia by Christine Hill
  • The First Feminists: Women in the English Epic by Cathy Johnson
  • Tolkien's Leaf by David Laine
  • The Great Enemy: Hemingway's Portrayal of Gertrude Stein by Adam Ekbom
  • It's a Jungle out There: An Argumentative Look at Social and Economic Realism in Upton Sinclair's The Jungle by Josh Lowensohn
  • Oh Hey, Power! Foucault, Discipline, and Hope by Greg Prieto

2005 Literary Review (no. 18)