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Publication Date

Spring 2001


Whittier College


Whittier, CA


Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • How the Grinch Stole Power by James Adomian
  • From a Reading by Charlene Beal
  • Envelope Me by Tirzh Champ
  • My Prayer by Tirzh Champ
  • Leah by Lisa Decker
  • Orion by Lisa Decker
  • Waitress by David Elias
  • Vomiting with a Friend by Ryan D. Fong
  • The Red Capitalist by Ryan D. Fong
  • Portrait of a Friend by Ryan D. Fong
  • Merry Go Round by Melissa Johnson
  • Blue by Melissa Johnson
  • l have your coat by Maria Johnson
  • a hidden cloth by Maria Johnson
  • The Dark World of Love: A Set of Six Sonnets by Lisa L. Monie
  • Queen by Allison Outschoorn
  • Eveline by Allison Outschoorn
  • Memoirs of an Arawak Man by Eva Sevcikova
  • Waking up in the Morning by Eva Sevcikova
  • A Church Becomes a Shelter During War by Tim Tiernan
  • Phobia by Tim Tiernan
  • Reconstructing by Tim Tiernan
  • Subarban Site by Tim Tiernan
  • Antonio Trepesowsky by A Happy Sonnet
  • Sonnet by Antonio Trepesowsky
  • A Play: Shakespeare in Love by Antonio Trepesowsky
  • Never Enough Alone by Kristine Welter
  • Sunday Morning by Steve Alvarado
  • Kings by David Elias
  • Common Man by Dave Hanson
  • One Inside the Other by Eva Sevcikova
  • Franz Marc's Repetitious Nature by Kat Baskett
  • The Subjugation of the Beast by Kat Baskett
  • Once Upon a Time by Ryan D. Fong
  • Gloria Anzaldua by Leslie Reynolds
  • A Marvellous Assemblage by Leslie Reynolds
  • Controlling Images by Leslie Reynolds
  • The Electric Industry by Natalie Olivas
  • A Fallen Star by Brenda Trejo
  • A Chaotic Ballet by Justin Jimenez
  • Lucky by Kristine Welter
  • Wenham, Ma by April Garbat
  • A Lower Case by Lisa Ayre-Smith
  • Plucked by Kristine Welter
  • Preface to the Third Edition by James Adomian
  • on the lips of children by Joshua Kenney
  • Smoking Eggs by Brenda Trejo
  • Geisha No. 4 by Jo Fan Huang
  • Untitled by Katherine Baskett
  • Geisha No. 1 by Jo Fan Huang
  • Untitled by Robin Judd
  • You're lousy, don't call me by Brenda Trejo

2001 Literary Review (no. 15)