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Whittier College


Whittier, CA


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • Hand by Laura Parish
  • Kelly by Charlene Beal
  • Portrait #1 by Charlene Beal
  • On my side of the Golden Gate by Sarah Bauer
  • The pure tast of apples on my breath by Sarah Bauer
  • Daylight by Dorothy Burke
  • A Hemingway Narrative from the Hemingway Perspective of Hemingway's Suicide by George Gonzalez
  • Sister by Sarah Rose House
  • Things on My Desk, October 2001 by Sarah Rose House
  • Summer Poetry by Marla Johnson
  • Untitled by Marla Johnson
  • Puzzle Box by Marla Johnson
  • Untitled by Robin Judd
  • First Kiss by Robin Judd
  • Orphan by Robin Judd
  • Falling Star by Joe Mendoza
  • Driving Home from Mass by Joe Mendoza
  • Morning by Joe Mendoza
  • Morning by Joe Mendoza
  • Last Kiss by Joe Mendoza
  • A Scene from Yosemite by Joe Mendoza
  • Lakewood Blvd. by Joe Mendoza
  • Covenant by Joe Mendoza
  • Venus-Flytrap by Tim Tiernan
  • Taking an Abandoned Hatchling to a Volunteer in Fallbrook by Tim Tiernan
  • Jackie O's Gloves by Tim Tiernan
  • Gray by Kristine Welter
  • The Test by Kristine Welter
  • Ex-boyfriends by Kristine Welter
  • Untitled by Cynthia Nalbach
  • Carebear Stare by Steve Alvarado
  • For Eva: The Roma in Hungary by Melissa Carvey
  • Dewdrops and Dust by Katherine Wohlford
  • Disguise by Jure Gavran
  • Chaucer's Madonna by Melissa Carvey
  • The Grayt King of Kong by Ryan D. Fong
  • A John Shaft There Was, and that a Worthy Man by Gregory Garabedian
  • Michael Jacksone by K'Leigh Thomas
  • Synthetic/Eugenic by Ryan D. Fong
  • (Fore)Knowing Theodicy: The Problem of Omniscience by Erin Clark
  • All Things Proceed, and Up to Him Return: Paradise Lost, Dominion, and Ecological Liberty by Ryan D. Fong
  • The Obfuscation of Illusory Reality by Michal Merraro
  • Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice by Brett Mosley
  • An Executive Ideology: An Analysis of Executive Decision by Eva Sevcikova
  • Collective Responsibility by Pallavi Visvanathan
  • Decalogue Response: Film 1 by Vincent Waller
  • Detail from "Self Portrait 1" by Robin Judd
  • Grammy Prefers Mozart by Meredith Wallis
  • Visiting Los Angeles by Sarah Bauer
  • Syckle Tim Tiernan
  • Self Portraits by Michelle Vincent
  • Translation by Meredith Wallis
  • New Story by Marla Johnson
  • Untitled Photograph by Kristine Welter
  • Are You Turning White? by Casey Shoji
  • All My Relations by Andrea Garcia
  • Thoreau's Needs Compared to My Own by Katie Hunter

2002 Literary Review (no. 16)