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Whittier College


Whittier, CA


Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • Untitled by Nicki Herbert
  • Poetry by Eileen Ybarra
  • In One Second by Monique Dorado
  • Boxes by Shawn Fitzpatrick
  • The Ghost in the Machine by Gary V. Foss
  • Glass Bubble by Art Rich
  • The Olive Prince by Emma Varesio
  • A La Gertrude by Jeanne Smith
  • The New Symposium: the Development of Platonic Ideas through the Twentieth Century by Dawn Finley
  • Consultation with Carl Jung after reading Anne Sexton by Dawn Finley
  • Divine Right of the Author by Terrence Schenold
  • Weaving Love Into Greek Literature by Shawn Fitzpatrick
  • CHIP by Amy Benton
  • A Woman Remembers Her Mother by Dawn Finley
  • Contentment by Tanis Logan
  • Carpet by Dagoberto Lopez
  • duality by Chivas Dabbs
  • Flower by Mike Armado
  • A Defense of Dramatic Poetry by William B. DeClercq
  • Poisons Love by James Holmes
  • Half Asleep in a Velvet Book by Art Rich
  • Frustration by Art Rich
  • His Drinking Room by Lucy Lozano
  • Surreal LoveGame by Dawn Finely
  • Apricot Ankles by Amy Benton
  • The Storm by Shawn Fitzpatrick
  • When we last parted by John Maki
  • For You by Eileen Ybarra
  • Another Dream Which Endlessly Cheated Her by Alain Bosshart
  • Scott Sleeping #2 by April Liu
  • The Invisible Man by Art Rich
  • Untitled by Stephen Siegmund
  • Untitled by Michelle Tautfest
  • Untitled by Devlin Grunloh
  • A Defense of Potency: The Ultimate Break from Sexual Politics in Ernest Hemingway's Portrayals of Romantic Love by Michael Garabedian
  • Untitled by Patti Chen
  • Two Worlds by Rosemary Figueroa
  • La Brea South by Carrie Forrest
  • Late by Michelle Arehart
  • Untitled by Filipina Warren
  • Michelle Reflected by the Rain by Gary V. Foss
  • Slivers Of Shark's Fun Slices by Alain Bosshart
  • NY Tyrant by Eileen Ybarra
  • Retreat by Marina Gonzalez
  • Cassandra by Casey Durfee
  • Untitled by Jasmine van den Heuvel
  • Untitled by Devlin Grunloh
  • The Day That I Remembered That at Least Valerie Loves Me by Devlin Grunloh
  • God, Grace and the Water Police by Amy Benton
  • Anna's Wardrobe by Gary V Foss
  • Untitled by James Dominguez
  • The Tale of the Artless Maiden by Andrew Ngugi
  • The Likerous Nerde by Michael Garabedian
  • The Waweryder by Kana Warren
  • Loneliness in Urban America by Marina Gonzalez
  • Untitled by James Dominguez
  • The Role of the Osage during the Civil War by Andy Carlton
  • Lives of Misty Reality: The Darkness of Flannery O'Connor's Religious Immersion Experience by Dawn Finley
  • Autobiographical Incident by Chris Ziegler
  • Effects of Inconsistent Boundaries on Identity Development in Post-Unification Germany by Ryan Bradley
  • Hey Diddle Diddle the Cat in the Fiddle by Seth Farley

1997 Literary Review (no. 11)