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Spring 2020


Whittier, CA


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • Drive Straight for 990 miles by Evan Wyno
  • The 575 by Evan Wyno
  • Hood Pie by Noah Humphrey
  • A Light in the Dark by Emerson Little
  • Days of Heat and Plants by Bailey Francis
  • Under the Yellow Flag by Dom Wilton
  • Captured by Heidi Metro
  • Chasm by Ariel Horton
  • Held Captive in Love by Madison VanWinkle
  • Survival Comic by Emily Gage
  • Midnight Drive by Danielle Flores
  • Life Up Close by Taylor Telles
  • Happy Little Accidents by Isabel Montero
  • Tale of the Unsung Hero by Ariana Juarez
  • TURD! by Lauren Blazey
  • Six Feet by Samantha Paladini
  • Gusano by Gabriella Rodriguez
  • What Bees Do Best by Isabel Montero
  • Light by Ashley Gonzalez
  • Web by Emerson Little
  • Tired by Harmony Albarran
  • Until the Static Fades by Tori O'Campo
  • It's Nothing by Lauryn Agron
  • Strong Sensitive Type by Heidi Metro
  • Ancestral Hawai'I by Elena Bacckus y Herrera
  • Facebook Ghost Ship by Nathan Tolfa
  • Q & America by Dayquan Moeller
  • Oda al Limon by Haley Vallejo
  • Fallen Apricot Orphan by Isabel Montero
  • Slauson Elegy by Noah Humphrey
  • Water Lily by Kassady by Marina Garrison
  • Confessional Poem by Daniel Wolf
  • Cover Girl Series #1 by Shannon Aguiar
  • It's All My Fault by Jillian Spaulding
  • the give & take by Kristi Weyand
  • Cover Girl Series #2 by Shannon Aguiar
  • A Stone Cold Hearbreaker by Annalisse Galaviz
  • Piece of Mind by Hailey Garcia
  • Sensitive by Heidi Metro
  • That Woman by Ariel Horton
  • As We Stand by Melanie Stoffel
  • The Presents of Black Skin by Noah Humphrey
  • Flight by Karen Romero
  • flower by Catherine Tang
  • From a Devil's Tongue by Danielle Pesqueira
  • Rust Never Sleeps by Emerson Little
  • Price They Pay by Keylee Leong
  • Graffiti Dreams by Lauren Blazey
  • Supermarket in Las Vegas by Ariel Horton
  • Rock n' Roll A Go Go by Shannon Aguiar
  • Selling Sex by Madison VanWinkle
  • High Anxiety by Lorriane DiMauro
  • Bildungsroman by Lauren Blazey
  • 9 Innings by Lauren Blazey
  • Critical Mass by Shannon Aguiar
  • Flames Without Justice by Jillian Spaulding
  • My Eyes Were on Philadelphia by Noah Humphrey
  • in the time of corona by Tori O'Campo
  • War Zone by Gabriel Perez
  • Squeaky Clean Helium by Gabriella Rodriguez
  • My Memories of Her Escape Me by Danielle Pesqueira
  • Untitled Poem about Chet Baker by Daniel Wolf
  • Early Morning by Samantha Paladini
  • Soma by Jennifer Smith
  • Erasure Project by Melanie Stoffel
  • Clasping onto my Porceline by Jillian Spaulding
  • Lunch Pail Liturgy by Gabriel Perez
  • What Is For You by Tori O'Campo
  • Illusory by Melanie Stoffel
  • namesake by Kristi Weyand
  • never gone by Catherine Tang
  • Rain by Jillian Spaulding
  • Erasure by Emily Gage
  • the big bang by Kim Tsuyuki
  • Vulnerable Populations by Madison VanWinkle
  • Camita in the Parking Lot by Ariel Horton
  • Paris Gloom by Tori O'Campo
  • What If This Storm Ends by Melanie Stoffel
  • All That Harry Ever Wanted by Nathan Tolfa
  • Demon by Antoinette Flores
  • Whittier At Night by Emerson Little
  • Earth Shattering by Tori O'Campo
  • These Foolish Things by Madison VanWinkle
  • Deliverance by Joe Donnelly
  • Negligence by Austin Hall
  • A Day In The Life of Death by Kristi Weyand
  • A Still Remembrance by Noah Humphrey
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