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Whittier College


Whittier, CA


Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • Flat Pencils by Desiree Guzzetta
  • Carl Gustav Jung: Religion and Psychology by Vaughn J. King
  • The Rope by Lisa Cannon
  • The Carrousel by Pat Praetorius
  • Lisa, Jessica, Steven... and Justice by CJ Dyer
  • Anatomizing Sounds So Estival by Kurt Young
  • Infinitesimal Ictheopsychoanalyst by Kurt Young
  • You Are Now a Member of the Army of the United States by Randy Lindquist
  • Ordinary and Extraordinary Religion-- The Mormons & Amish by Kevin C. Lacey
  • Crisis of Faith (Revised) by Desiree Guzzetta
  • The Flounder of Reality by Lisa Cannon
  • To the Athlete with the Moroccan Leather Briefcase M.C. McCullough-- "Hope Me" by Lisa Cannon
  • Freedom and Responsibility-- In The Words of Solzhenitsyn by Bradford C. Brown
  • Johnny by Lisa Cannon
  • "Hell Bound" by Bethany Goble
  • The Revolt of Ch'en She and Wu Kuang by Whit Donaldson
  • I Write Myself (or, Whitman be damned) by Desiree Guzzetta
  • I'd Almost Put Up With Disco Again (Almost) by Kurt Young
  • A Cultural History of 1963 by Kevin Osborn
  • Untitled by Pat Praetorius
  • Two Pseudo-Sonnets by Desiree Guzzetta
  • Zen in the Art of Painting by Ramon Arrowsmith
  • Instant Jello by Annette Brodersen
  • Felix the Dog by Vaughn J. King
  • In Search of Perfect Metre by Desiree Guzzetta
  • The Silence by Desiree Guzzetta
  • Murder Before Birth: Is it Possible? by Neal Dalrymple
  • Nuclear Red and Running by Lisa Cannon
  • Ode to the Overdressed on Muddy Days by Lisa Cannon

1986 Literary Review (vol. 2, no. 1)