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Whittier College


Whittier, CA


Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • Untitled by Megan Sjoberg
  • Procrastinating in Shakespeare by Kent H. Gilbert
  • The Realization by Rebecca Totaro
  • Traveling West: The First Transcontinental Railroad by Elizabeth Nestegard
  • A Lamb Among Wolves by Janet Wheeler
  • Fiery as the Tongue by Susan K. Volmer
  • Star Trek: A Hopeful Portrayal of Humans and Humanism by John W. Scott
  • Solzhenitsyn and Religion by Pam Hill
  • Untitled by Julie R. Sutton
  • Passing Away by Michelle L. Gilbert
  • Imprisoned by Sheri Frost
  • El Revolucionario Desconocido by Marino S. Parada
  • The Importance Age-Gradedness Has on Children's Development by Philip Prouty
  • Untitled by Andrew Marchand
  • Untitled by Deana Jaramillo
  • One Man's Argument by Bill Keeth
  • Deserted by Michael Speck
  • Second Step to Zen by Megan Sjoberg
  • Men With Different Songs: Hymns of Kingo and Peturssen by Renee M. Klund
  • An Analysis of the Economic Efficiency of Using the Minimum Wage as a Policy for Reducing Poverty in the United States by Keith Black
  • The Ingenue by Sheryn Gray
  • Dead Memories by Debra Block
  • Homage to a Young Soldier by Denise S. Stevenson
  • Who Should Decide? Who Should Make Life-Altering Decisions in a Mentally Incompetent Person's Life? by Kimberly K. Whited
  • An Afterthought by Sindy Steinberg
  • A Philosophy by Sindy Steinburg
  • La Bomba Y La General by Elma U. Mendia
  • A Unified Field Theory of Sciences and Humanities, or How the San Andreas Fault Got Her Curves: Convergent and Divergent Approaches by by Ramon Arrowsmith
  • Mercury by Matthew D Taylor
  • Changes by Rebecca Totaro
  • Mastering the Self Through Strength by Jill-Alexia Orr
  • Words by Sheryn Gray
  • Cover art by Susan K. Volmer

1988 Literary Review (vol. 4, no. 1)