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Whittier College


Whittier, CA


Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • Por Un Momento by Araceli Gonzalez
  • The College Student by Kristina Dotto
  • "The Magic...Was Gone" by Laura Martin
  • Nursery Rhyme by Kristina Dotto
  • Sunset by Janet Wheeler
  • India '89 by Megan Sjoberg
  • Rent Controls by Bobby Guy
  • There's a Tiger Near Me by Debra Block
  • Tyrant by Debra Block
  • Banking Deregulation: The Evolution of the 1980's by Mia V. Young
  • Dear Diary by Floyd D. Cheung
  • Drizzle by Floyd D. Cheung
  • You Can't See Because of the Rain by James Allison
  • Carefully Chosen Items to Bring on a Walk by James Allison
  • Our Suburban Homes by James Allison
  • Om: A Meditation by Janet Wheeler
  • Funeral by Hillary Taylor
  • Saddening Situations by Tro Konialian
  • Hello? by Alycia Sanders
  • Whistle While You Work by Jennifer Turner
  • Untitled by Vicki McKay
  • Pinpoint by Vicki McKay
  • Static on the Line by Vicki McKay
  • War, As Seen Through the Hand of a Child by Tina Jeha
  • DNA Fingerprinting: In Search of the Genetic Code by Vibeke Brask
  • Silencio Vacio by Araceli Gonzalez
  • Las Playas by Araceli Gonzalez
  • A Secret by Kristina Dotto
  • Who is Sweeney? by Matthew D. Taylor
  • Addiction by Rebecca Totaro
  • Eden by Rebecca Totaro
  • Reality by Phil Hickey
  • ...And They Lived Happily Ever After by Phil Hickey
  • Marathon by Phil Hickey
  • The Effect of Common Soil on the Transparent Eyeball by James Allison
  • The Geologic Timescale in Terms of the Books in the Bonnie Bell Wardman Library, or: The Words of History by Yvonne Lembi
  • Percussion by Floyd D. Cheung

1989 Literary Review (no. 4, vol. 1)