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Whittier College


Whittier, CA


Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • Untitled by Tro Konialian
  • Fever by Rebecca Totaro
  • Canticle for a Dream (The White House) by Kris Dotto
  • The Carousel by Melanie Jarvis
  • Sally by Cami Greenfield
  • Her & His by Floyd Cheung
  • To A Dolphin by Rebecca Totaro
  • The Sprinkler Externality by Bobby Guy
  • The Cocaine Market by Craig Johnson
  • Alienation in Nineteenth Century Russia by Sheri L. Frost
  • Russian Woman, American Woman by Julie R. Sutton
  • Untitled by Tro Konilian
  • The Grains of Hard Life by Edgar F. Harden
  • The Morning by John Scott
  • Exultation and Despair in On The Road: Jack Kerouac's Struggle Against Anomie by Steve Matthiasson
  • Untitled 2 by Tro Konialian
  • Birthday Boy by Hillary Taylor
  • Cycle of a Dream: Imbalance by Kris Dotto
  • Resuscitation by Rebecca Totaro
  • In a Distant Field by Cami Greenfield
  • Look Again by Matthew D. Taylor
  • To A Romantic by Kris Dotto
  • The Tragedy and Romance of History: Social Change and the Individual in Scott and Achebe by Bevis Pardee
  • Why Doesn't Plastic Taste Like Chicken? by Becky Ruth
  • Alert! by Kris Dotto
  • The A-Team: Symbol of the American Myth by Hillary Taylor
  • What Is Amiss? by Floyd Cheung
  • "Join Me, Won't You?" by Kris Dotto
  • Radio by John Scott
  • The Closing by Sheri L. Frost

1989 Literary Review (no. 4, vol. 2)