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Whittier College


Whittier, CA


Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • Painting: La Alhambra by Desiree Revoir
  • My Little Stars by Eryn Osterhaus
  • Every Party Has a Cocktail by Eryn Osterhaus
  • Growing to the Same by Eryn Osterhaus
  • A Day at the Track by Amy Raat
  • Chalk Drawing: Lighting Up by Jeff Cain
  • Wisdom at One Entrance Quite Shut Out by Lisa Nunn
  • It is Christmas by John Maki
  • Chalk Drawing: Childhood Memories by Jeff Cain
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes by Kelly Thompson
  • Analytic Memo Regarding the Federal Deficit by Maria Zavala, Erika Enomoto, and Tina Ibanez
  • Untitled by Colleen Windham
  • Pencil Drawing: Portrait of Helen Keller by Beth Newman
  • Witches and Ghosts by Tom Manley
  • Chalk Drawing: Natural Beauty by Jeff Cain
  • Breasts To Die For by Ryan Alexander
  • Legless by Chris Allen
  • Henry V: The Machiavellian Timocrat by Betsy Dolan--1995 Freshman Writing Winner
  • Poem by George Riggle
  • Grandmother by George Riggle
  • Painting: Encaged by Desiree Revoir
  • The Moral Relevance of Style and Motive by Jedediah Gilchrist
  • The Road Back by Kelly Thompson
  • Chalk Drawing: Wheel and Mask Still Life by Jeff Cain
  • The Unfinished Poem by Colleen Windham
  • Janie's Journey From Object to Subject by Ryan Nielsen
  • Chalk Drawing: Still Life by Beth Newman
  • Flavio Soliloquy by Oneyda Perez
  • The Early Poetry of John Milton by Amy Raat
  • What Ever Happened to the Art of Letterwriting and the Twenty Cent Stamp by Shu-Shu Loh
  • Love Envies Not by Anonymous
  • Writing: The Woman's Way by Shefali Desai
  • Introduction to the Biology of the Tao by Matthew Sellers
  • New Moon by Tom Manley
  • Stranger in the Kitchen by Colleen Windham
  • Budget Memo by Ed Jankowski, Joe Kozel, John Brooks and David Wang
  • Warm Night for a Prostitute by Ryan Alexander
  • Listen to Your Mother, Young Lady by Shu-Shu Loh
  • Painting: The Flamenco by Desiree Revoir
  • Return to Eyre by Elizabeth Freudenthal
  • Dysfunctional Juliet by Oneyda Perez
  • The Evolution of Wal-Mart by Nathan Malone
  • Pencil Drawing: La Iglesia by Desiree Revoir
  • Lycidas and Adonais by Avtar Singh
  • The Road to Utopia (I-10) by Eryn Osterhaus
  • The Daydream Lie by Eryn Osterhaus
  • Jackie Robinson & the Early Stages of Integrated Professional Baseball by Jill McManus

1995 Literary Review (no. 9)