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Whittier College


Whittier, CA


Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • Moving Forward by Sonia Hernandez
  • Twilight Temptress & Heat by Marina T. Gonzalez
  • As A Family by Michelle Velasquez Bean
  • Morning by John Maki
  • How I Feel About Dye-Job Redheads by Catherine Stover
  • Canal Trail by Karen Grissette
  • The Accidental Traveler...or, The Anti-Odyssey of Rip Van Winkle by Jennifer Sanchez-Salazar
  • August Afternoon & Song of Mary by Carrie Forrest & Rochelle DuPlessis
  • Untitled by Devlin Grunloh
  • The White Cloud & Enlightenment by Sora A. Farfan & Soraphine Ann Gott
  • Nihilistic Botany or How I Became the Creator of Nothingness by Candace Lawrence
  • Minimum Wage by Karen Grissette
  • Lo-fi Blues by Melissa Dougherty
  • Fiction by Marina T. Gonzalez
  • Nature Perceived: A Wilderness Triptych by Jedediah Gilchrist
  • Flowers by Trista Rokitta
  • While the Meter Ticks by Marina T. Gonzalez
  • PACMAN by Jovi Candelaria
  • Nana, Mi Abuela by Michelle Velasquez Bean
  • Living Quarters by Catherine Stover
  • A Humanistic Hamlet: Shakespeare's Dissolution of the Courtly Prince by Michael Garabedian
  • Friday Night Outside by Melissa B. Dougherty
  • Magic at 2000 ft. by Melissa Miller
  • I come here, in silence by Devlin Grunloh
  • Where Poetry Left Science Behind by John Maki
  • Space Boy Riding Through the Universe by Tara O'Brien
  • By a Woman's Hand by Jose Burgos
  • Please Hear What I'm Not Saying by Jason Pingol
  • Newborn Beauty by April Grice
  • Questions by Jason Pingol
  • Educating Educators by Rochelle DuPlessis
  • The Fashion Show by James Dominguez
  • Model Girl by Elizabeth Freudenthal
  • Seasons Amongst Sequoias--a meditation in three parts by Jeremy Cosand
  • A Structuralist Interpretation of Garcia Marquez's Love in the Time of Cholera by Kristina Nasi
  • Reflections by Rochelle DuPlessis
  • The Feminist One by Tara O'Brien
  • "O lady in whom my hope shall ever soar": The Significance of Dante's Beatrice by Shefali Desai
  • Weeping & Rationale of Envy by Marina T. Gonzalez & Jason Pingol
  • The Guide by Mary Neiheiser
  • please, no pictures by Nathan Malone
  • The Birdcage People by James Dominguez
  • The Myth of the Clay People by Jennifer Sanchez-Salazar
  • The Gladiator by Jason Pingol
  • The Naked Soul by Michael Keith Ambrose
  • Hand in Hand They Passed by Michelle Velasquez Bean
  • Lavendar Jewel by Dimas Diaz
  • Nude Women by Trista Rolcitta
  • Comfortably Naked by Karen Grissette
  • Psychological and Psychophysical Effects of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) by Jonathan Arnett

1996 Literary Review (no. 10)