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Whittier, CA


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • Fragments of Now by Jessica Miller
  • black holes by Harriet Enenmoh
  • Brother, Sister by Carsen West
  • Maybe by Harriet Enenmoh
  • If a Man Reads Braille then She is Mute and He is Blind by Elizabeth Reitzell
  • Inside a Bottle by Jessica Miller
  • Traffic (Or A Sonnet on Traffic Anywhere It Is) by Rebecca Baker
  • Insomnia by Cody Reese
  • Where There's a Mist by Demaris Dubon
  • I Took James Joyce To A Bar In Long Beach by Charlotte San Juan
  • Messy Smooth by Elizabeth Reitzell
  • It's about time by Patrick Guy
  • The Neu Doctore by Poonam Narewatt
  • Ziggy's Tale by April Lotshaw
  • The student prostitute at University Mohammad V by Leandro Fefer
  • Allen's Day Off by (Jessica Miller
  • Peaches on Adderall by Elizabeth Reitzell
  • 3 Fables and a Resurrection by Victor Vargas
  • Crutches by Elizabeth Sanchez
  • Nostalgia by Danielle Rivera
  • Looking for Normal by Patrick Guy
  • The Server Diaries by Patrick Guy
  • A Look Through the Mirror by Nicole Buehlmaier
  • Salsa by Emily Baeza
  • Without Home, Without Soul by Matthew Aranda
  • Good-bye, Mrs Mulligan, A Short Play by Kiley Giard
  • "On the lips of whispering men" The Quest for Authority And Truth in Lord Jim by Joshua DeBets
  • What Do We Do with the Children?": Victorian Attitudes towards Childhood in Treasure Island and Peter and Wendy by Christina Gunning
  • Dangerous Dualisms in H.G. Wells' The Island of Dr. Moreau by Jessica Miller
  • The Artist, Sunset Boulevard, and The Gaze: The Nostalgic Past and Reversal of Gender Roles According to Laura Mulvey by Allison Rohrer
  • The New Cetic Romance by Allison Rohrer
  • Tell Me How You Really Feel by Lauren Nico
  • The Epic Female by Rosalie Atkinson
  • Transborder Justice: Using Identities by Meg Oka
  • A Reductionist Argument Against Reductionism: Breaking Down the Industrial Food System and Putting It Back Together Again by Meg Oka
  • The Dark Lord Saga: Self-Transformation, World-Domination, and Total Eradication by Erica Clifford
  • The Hidden Lake by Karri Davis
  • Boots and Roses by Ashley Kim
  • The Orange Cloth by Ashley Kim
  • Kind Eyes from Morocco by Katie O'Brien
  • Exploring Perugia, Italia by Katie O'Brien
  • Bubble Rings by Ryne Spejcher
  • Flightt by Ryne Spejcher
  • Through the Glass by Ryne Spejcher
  • Ancient Glory by Allison Rohrer
  • Ice Crystals in front of Stonehenge, England by Allison Rohrer
  • Westminster Abbey 2 by Allison Rohrer
  • Sunset Silhouette by Nicole Buehlmaier
  • Strawberry Fields by Nicole Buehlmaier
  • Budapest at Midnight by Katie O'Brien

2013 Literary Review (no. 26)