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Whittier College


Whittier, CA


Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White by Dimas Diaz
  • A Story About What Happened to Jezebel Flatch by Nicole Coates Burton
  • Disclaimer by Salvador Plascencia
  • Sunkist Days by Salvador Plascencia
  • Placental Pleasures by Krista Whyte
  • Play by Adam Pava
  • Seventy-Three Seconds by Devlin Grunloh
  • Thursday, 8:30 by Jeff Cain
  • Bicycle Ride by Jeff Cain
  • He cries the tears that I cannot by Toni Panetta
  • Walking Home From a by Dawn Finley
  • Friend's House II by Dawn Finley
  • I Have My Own Bathroom Now by Dawn Finley
  • Whitman Smokes a Marlboro Red by Dawn Finley
  • Who Cares? by Art Rich
  • The Rock by Art Rich
  • potential by Art Rich
  • First Prize by Art Rich
  • Cemetery Clock by Art Rich
  • Beyond Reflection by Art Rich
  • Incubation by Lucy Lozano
  • My Son Is Four Today by Lucy Lozano
  • Spasm by Lucy Lozano
  • Evening by Dagoberto Lopez
  • Ambition by Elizabeth Freudenthal
  • My Tenth Rosh Hashannah by Elizabeth Freudenthal
  • EPIC by Elizabeth Freudenthal
  • Existentialism by Alison Outschoorn
  • Le Problème Philosophique de l'Inferno de Dante by Demian Marienthal
  • Roots by Michael Sarmiento
  • A Blameless Genocide by Sean Riordan
  • Relativity: A Relative Perspective on the Relativity of Relating to the Civilized World Relative to One's Perspective by Shariyar Kazia
  • Quick Profile by Nicole Coates Burton
  • Ancient Roman Sculpture and Changing Concepts of Gods and Humans by Lisa Rollins
  • Points of Light by Demian Marienthal
  • "How Did Coupon Clipping Become so Sexy?" by Elizabeth Freudenthal
  • Toni Morrison: Speaking the (Formerly) Unspeakable Completing Interpretations of American Canonical Literature by Toni Panetta
  • Siren by Nicole Coates Burton
  • Truth Versus Story or Follow Your Heart Not Your History by Katy Stiman
  • An Ideal Scientist by Tanya De La Cerda
  • Seekers of Truth: The Beat Generation by Nancy Chaires

1998 Literary Review (no. 12)