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Whittier College


Whittier, CA


Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • I'm Leaving, George by Jenny Colville
  • False Hugs by Adam Webster
  • You Are My n+1 by Adam Webster
  • Ambivalence by Adam Webster
  • Great or Bright Infers Not Excellence by Jennifer Sanchez-Salazar
  • Bring Down the Moon by Tom Manley
  • Doing It Like the Humpbacks by David Stelmach
  • On the Coattails of Abraham by David Stelmach
  • The Boy in the Forest by David Stelmach
  • Gender Equity by Jeff Lindstrom
  • The Horsies by Alex Stein
  • How the Daltons Made My Dad Proud by Adam Webster
  • Lifesigns by Jeremy Cosand
  • A Choir Immune to This Inching Sin-Drone by Jeremy Cosand
  • Eutychus by Jeremy Cosand
  • Religion, the Government and Us by Ryan Nielsen
  • Mortal Enemy by Jenny Colville
  • To Dream Without Seeing by Adam Webster
  • Nice by Adam Webster
  • Pass the Past Please by Adam Webster
  • Temporary Relief by Laura Galicia
  • Christmas in November by Tom Manley
  • Sunday Drive by Adam Webster
  • Shoeless Summer by Jennifer Sanchez-Salazar
  • The Current Cinema by Jennifer Sanchez-Salazar
  • Hide and Seek by Jennifer Sanchez-Salazar
  • Reading As Meaning by Alex Stein
  • Bus 11A by Ryan Nielsen
  • Da by Christine Quinn
  • While Eating Mangos by Shu-Shu Loh
  • The Eyes Are the Window to the Soul by Jason Pingol
  • Christabel Continued by Tom Manley
  • Uncontrollable Urges by Jenny Colville
  • Welcome Home by Stephanie Ferrario
  • The King of Hearts by Oneida Perez
  • December 31 by Jill Clark
  • Flag Burning and the First Amendment by Kevin Ruminson
  • Mr. Successful by Adam Webster

1994 Literary Review (no. 8)