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Whittier College


Whittier, CA


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • "Untitled 1" by Matt Stuart
  • Poetry by Melissa Morrow
  • Poetry by Dana Judd
  • Poetry Bodhi Woodsorrel
  • Poetry by Lisa Decker
  • Poetry by Robin Judd
  • Poetry Clancy Neilson
  • Poetry by Ryan Fong
  • Poetry by Kristine Welter
  • Poetry by Eva Sevcikoya
  • Poetry by Shellie Banga
  • Poetry by Nilanga Jayasinghe
  • Poetry by Tim Tiernan
  • "Ashley's Baby" by Matt Stuart
  • Planned Parenthood by Kristine Welter
  • Unfinished by Clayton Russell
  • Postcard from Metropolis by Clayton Russell
  • "For Robin" by Dana Judd
  • "Apple Picking" or, The True Story of the First Days on Planet Earth by Dana Saidenberg-Judd
  • Sally by Dave Hanson
  • One Pensive Fall Morning by Jenia Lazarova
  • The Shortest Night by Jenia Lazarova
  • "Untitled 2" by Matt Stuart
  • Finding Ashley by Dawn Finley
  • Sexton from Beyond the Grave by Dawn Finley
  • "Untitled 2" by Sarah Tillman
  • "Accomplish'd Eve The Roles of the "Mother of Kind" in Paradise Lost by Erin Whittemore
  • Short Response: Boethius: The Consolation of Philosophy by Dana Judd
  • Regarding Matters of the Literary Kind. A Rather Unnecessary Piece on the English Language by Shariyar Kazia
  • Clouds Still Hanging Over Our Heads by Eva Sevcikoya
  • Lost-and-Found by Eva Sevcikoya
  • "Untitled 3" by Sarah Tillman
  • Justifying the Will of God: A Theological Comparison of Milton's Paradise Lost and the Book of Job by Matt Hahn
  • The Great Levithan by Matt Hahn
  • Intention and Interpretation in Visual Arts and Literature by Jenia Lazarova
  • "Untitled 3" by Matt Stuart
  • On Jeffrey Chaucer Untitled by Shellie Banga
  • The Man of Governance-A Portrait in Middle English by Erin Whittemore
  • On William Faulkner Dark in November by Chuck McLeod
  • "Untitled 4" by Matt Stuart
  • Listening to Tapes of Margaret Atwood reading her poems while washing dishes by Dawn Finley
  • This Rain by Anna Neese
  • Katy, Texas 2 a.m. by Meredith Wallis
  • Winchester Valley by Alexander Hughes
  • "Untitled 2" by Chris Lahti
  • Anything Goes by Alison Outschoorn
  • "Untitled 4" by Sarah Tillman
  • A Writing Story by Jenia Lazarova

2000 Literary Review (no. 14)