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Publication Date

Spring 2018


Whittier College


Whittier, CA


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • Me by Brandy Barajas
  • Untitled Document by Lauren Blazy
  • Statutory by Stephee Bonifacio
  • A Perennial Winter by Stephee Bonifacio
  • Gloria the Great by Cecilia Carmichael
  • Americana Abstract 17 by Grace Creelman
  • The Last Elegy by Christopher Espinosa
  • Ecstasy by Natalie Finamore
  • The Catatonic by Miranda Fonseca
  • Seretonin by Miranda Fonseca
  • Hey Google by Patricia Gomez
  • A Day in the LIfe of an Inpatient by Ariel Horton
  • Ode to a Woman by Ariel Horton
  • Break of Day by Rebecca (MeiMei) Lou
  • The Evil Queen by Rebecca (MeiMei) Lou
  • Excalibur by Sabrina Marshall
  • étude by Brianna Martinez
  • Do You Know by Jennifer Merino
  • He Didn't Know by Isabel Montero
  • I Have Seen God by Ashley Mora
  • My Heart is a Musical by Samantha Paladini
  • Are you Happy? by Cristian Perez
  • SUEÑO by Cristian Perez
  • Yesterday Morning by Gabriel Perez
  • Monster by Danielle Pesqueria
  • These Old Prison Bars by Riley Ramirez
  • Untying the Knot by Alexandra Russell
  • Flower Carrier by Alexandra Russell
  • These Familiar Finger by Alexandra Russell
  • The Vultures by Carolyn Simms
  • What is Wrong with America by Ethan Trejo
  • Winter's Walking by Ethan Trejo
  • She's Beyond by Regina Loren Valencia
  • Fire God by Markus Venegas
  • Ode to My Mother by Athena Zecha
  • The Bookshelf by Oliver Bineth
  • Tommy by Cynthia Esparza
  • Uniting Home with Our Land Ethic by Jhen Godrej
  • Here and Nim by Lauren Swintek
  • Requiem for the Red Rock by Madison White
  • Home by Averie Samuels
  • Raindrops by Samuel Landa
  • Qualified Immunity and its Effects on Society by Kole Joachin
  • Victorian Artists and Ophelia by Bailie Karcher
  • Engaging the Exilic Experience by MeiMei Liu
  • The Choices We Make by MeiMei Liu
  • Wroth's Use of Colonial Discourse by Nazarely Narvaez
  • The Militant and The Martyrs: Milton's Redefinition of Epic Heroism by Zayne Repp
  • Two Paths Converge: America's Most Beloved Baseball Player and an Internationally Renowned Presidential Historian by Alexandra Russell
  • Run Away Intersectionality by Andy Bertelsen
  • De Chile y De Mole by Natalie Graf
  • Shadows on the Stairs by Emerson Little
  • coverpage by Ashley Mora
  • Possibilities by Lauren Porras
  • a regular afternoon in the Sahara by Alessandra Roggero
  • lot sisters in the kasbah by Alessandra Roggero
  • Hero and Nim by Lauren Swintek
  • Dipped by Elizabeth Tovar-Green
  • Swear, Innocence by Regina Loren Valencia
  • Dizzy Whirlwind by Brianna Valles

2018 Greenleaf Review (no. 31)