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Whittier, CA


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • Stardust by Lauren Blazey
  • Interlude by Alex Cramer
  • Human Race by Priscilla Lam & Nazarely Narvaez
  • A Lack of Material by Brianna Limas
  • Jessie and the Bullshefiks by Brianna Limas
  • The Devil's Wife by Gerard Power
  • The Girl, The God, The Man by Laura Swintek
  • Goddess Worship by Trent Beauchamp-Sanchez
  • Growing Pains by Aidee Campa
  • To Joan by Aidee Campa
  • Echo by Taylor Charles
  • Welcome To Kunming by Dana Chistensten
  • after 4 years together by Samantha Cruz
  • Where Stars Refrain From Touch by Priscilla Lam
  • It Starts With by Brianna Limas
  • A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings by Brianna Martinez
  • A Perfect Game by Ty Lopez
  • High Tide by Molly Lowry
  • 42 Recovery by Molly Lowry
  • beach by Rebecca (MeiMei) Liu
  • blue by Rebecca (MeiMei) Liu
  • "Little Ophella" by Rebecca (MeiMei) Liu
  • The HELLFIRE club by Cristian Perez
  • Nighttime by Cristian Perez
  • Peligro by Cristian Perez
  • T is For Truth by Aviva Samuels
  • Our Waltz by Lisa To
  • Art of Conversation by Daniella Wurmbrand
  • Class and Culture Divide in Dubliners and Passage To India by Keeanna Garcia
  • "Sirens": Rewriting Memory In Ulysses by Priscilla Lam
  • Hunger for Home by Rebecca (MeiMei) Liu
  • To the Marriage of True Minds by Jenna Muise
  • The Rape of the Epic by Jenna Muise
  • The Voice in Joyce's "Ithaca" by Nazarely Narvaez
  • The Perfection of Symbolic Retribution in Dante's Hell by Zayne Repp
  • Untitled by Victoria Gonzalez
  • Untitled (Static) by Bailie Karcher
  • Untitled (Spacey) by Bailie Karcher
  • Untitled: Figure Study by Bailie Karcher
  • Untitled by Bailie Karcher
  • A Bug's Life by Katrina Locsin
  • A Lady's Choice by Jocelyn Lopez
  • Sweet Repose by Brianna Martinez
  • Rose Gold by Brianna Martinez
  • Untitled by Oscar Naval
  • Free the Nipple by Jasmine Perkovic
  • Samuraifly by Lauren Swintekl

2017 Greenleaf Review (no. 30)