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Whittier, CA


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • Samsara by Matthew Aranda
  • Snowflake by Matthew Aranda
  • Dining with Zeus by Rebecca Briggs
  • Wasp Season by Rebecca Briggs
  • Weeping Coconut by Brandy Barajas
  • Puzzled by Nicholas Barreras
  • Dim Angel in Pitch Darkness by Trent Beauchamp
  • Signal Fire by Trent Beauchamp
  • Hunger by Derek Blakenship
  • Open Window, Biking Beijing by Derek Blakenship
  • Don't Kill the Author by Derek Blakenship
  • Where are you? by Anders Blomso
  • Things with Feathers by Emily Bradford
  • This is Not the Garden I had in Mind by Emily Bradford
  • Family Ties by Kourtney Brodnax
  • Race and Difference by Aidee Campa
  • The Bloody Debate Behind the MSM Blood Ban by Amanda Casey
  • Man Buns: A Hairy Situ-race-tion by Amanda Casey
  • The Truth Lay Only in Quiet by Taylor Charles
  • Typical Fashion of a Righteous Brutality (Racism in Civilized Lands) by Troy Chavez
  • A Stupid Sonnet by Dana Christensen
  • Awake by Dana Christensen
  • A Diamond in the Sky by Alex Cramer
  • 8/18 by Shane Francis
  • Raven (Graphic Poem) by Laura Freeze
  • 'The Tell Tale Heart' and the Emersonian Eye: The Dark Side to Transcendentalism by Laura Freeze
  • Everyday in the Life by Daniel Garcia
  • Film, Fan Base, and Franklins by Keeanna Garcia
  • Serotonin by Shaydon Golub
  • A Search for Meaning by Breana Gomez
  • Nothing Extraordinary by Sarah Gonzalez
  • Solo Star Windows by Sarah Gonzalez
  • From the Dock by Tim Kam
  • Robert Frost: Individuality and Isolation by Priscilla Lam
  • Echoes by Priscilla Lam
  • Frustrations by Luis Manzo
  • Pretty Girls by Luis Manzo
  • Heart of Gold by Brianna Martinez
  • Presence of God by Brianna Martinez
  • Quindecennial Dreams by Ashley Mora
  • Reminders by Nazarely Narvaez
  • Text Message by Nazarely Narvaez
  • Yellow by Stephanie Okuaki
  • The Artist in the 21st Century by Cristian Perez
  • The Three Hawaiian Men by Cristian Perez
  • Sonnet 2 (Eve of Eden) by Alexander Ragucci
  • Self-Assessment by Clara Rempe
  • Astronomy Professor by Clara Rempe
  • Banana Hearts by Clara Rempe
  • My Community by Alessandra Roggero
  • Soul Exposed by Alessandra Roggero
  • Prism by Brianna Sahagian
  • God Wrapped Me in Fireflies by Brianna Sahagian
  • I Saw by Brianna Sahagian - Page 103
  • Lorca's Poetics of Duende: Surrealism, Gypsies, and the Timelessness of Emotion by Brianna Sahagian
  • Disconnect by Aviva Samuels
  • Perfection by Cecilia Scott
  • Last Wishes by Cecilia Scott
  • The Golden Heart by Lisa To,
  • The Astronomy of Sleep by Lisa To
  • Concerning Swift's Problematic 'Tale' by Matt Voegtle

2016 Literary Review (no. 29)