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Whittier, CA


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • They Asked Me by Aidee Campa
  • Microwave Man by Hallie Gayle
  • If l Had a Clue by Noah Zeko
  • The Monsters Dance by Matthew Aranda
  • What Was I Doing by Joel Marin
  • The Roommate by Leandro Fefer
  • Red by Amanda McMillan
  • Flies on the Meat by Noah Zeko
  • Expectations by Derek Blankenship
  • Galatea by Katie Clendening
  • Finding My Voice by Collin McDowell
  • A Day in the Life by Robert Cristo
  • Into Worlds You Never Dare Enter Alone by Shirley Thao
  • Alaska Air First Class by Damaris Dubon
  • Non-cents by Kelsey Kwong
  • Winter and July by Nicholas Hanashiro
  • Untitled by Matthew Voegtle
  • Ancient History by Amanda McMillan
  • Story by Joseph Waugh
  • You are my Sunshine by Alexa Pegues
  • Burning by Rebecca Briggs Baker
  • A Good Night Scare for Watchers by Damaris Dubon
  • Lamb of Man by Samantha Woehi
  • Ambassador by Michelle Gamboa
  • Space Squid by Amanda Blazey
  • Divorcing the Winter by Leandro Fefer
  • Ever Ever by Amelia Pierno
  • Virginia's Lemons by Rosalie Atkinson
  • Love Astronaut by Sam Wolfe
  • flunking out of flirting by Carsen West
  • Ballad of Electric Summer by Samantha Woehl

2014 Greenleaf Review (no. 27)