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Whittier, CA


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | English Language and Literature



  • Discovery by Ivy Han
  • A Sudden Blow by Sylvia Burn
  • Roadkill by Shannon Jaime
  • My thoughts like sunlit particles by Jennifer Spiegelman
  • Wrecking Ball by Apollonia Galvan
  • A Web of White Ink by Shannon Jaime
  • The Forbidden City's by John Jackson
  • Identity Theft by Janine Torres
  • Speaking Spanish by Janine Torres
  • Bottled Water by Elizabeth Reitzell
  • Breaking Concrete by Elizabeth Reitzell
  • Yellow by Nicholas Dante
  • In the Silence by Bryanna Benedetti
  • An Autumn Night by Nicholas Dante
  • The Philosopher's Caffeine by Jessica Miller
  • My Muse is a Goldfish by Jessica Miller
  • Time Capsule by Erin Bartholomew
  • Learning to Hate Mexico by Victor Vargas
  • Ode to the Chinese Ladies by Catherine King
  • To Stay Awake by Laurin Peters
  • Southern Decadence by Apollonia Galvan
  • Inmost Petals by Mary Helen Truglia
  • Edge Of All We Can Know by Mary Helen Truglia
  • Recipe for SaItfIsh by Kallia Wade
  • Coward by Carling McGuire
  • Faster than a Speeding Bullet by Jeffrey Wilson
  • Authentic by Réme Bohlin
  • Tulpa by Victor Vargas
  • Womanhood's Fairest Flower by Victor Vargas
  • The Addict by Christina Gunning
  • The Box by Christina Gunning
  • Happiness in Coupled Relationships by Juliana Baez
  • Scott Pilgrim & Geek Culture by Freddie Malcomb
  • Epilogue to The God of Small Things by Catherine King
  • Hamlet, Act I, Scene 2.5 by Catherine King
  • Pat-riot! by Nicole Beauchamp
  • Lottery Man by Noelle Navarro
  • Children's Area by Kate Normand
  • Media Overload by Jacquie Waldman
  • Natural History Museum, London by Kate Normand
  • Floating by Erik Rempen
  • Aqua di Roma by Kyrah Leal
  • In Midst of Knowledge by Mary Helen Truglia
  • The Universal Voice by Melissa Samarin
  • Bee Twenty Too by Trisha Ann Scherer
  • Contemplation by Bryanna Benedetti
  • Slotted by Ryne Spejcher
  • The Eye of a Little God by Nicole Beauchamp
  • Donde San Miguelenos Viven by Mary Helen Truglia
  • California Winter Dreams by Bryanna Benedetti
  • Annals of a Sinking City by Nicole Beauchamp
  • The Meat of the Matter: Putting God Back in the American Hotdog by Faraz Zaerpoor
  • Unintended Consequences: The Ironic Results of the US-Mexico Border Fence by Alejandra Gaeta
  • Dreamers and Settler by Patrick Norton
  • Las Hijas de Juarez: Femicide in Juarez by Alejandra Gaeta
  • Hell Hath No Fury: Christian Backlash Against Feminism by Bryanna Benedetti
  • Outlaw Poverty, Not Prostitution by Meg Oka
  • Switching Codpieces and Corsets: Cross-Gender Casting in Shakespearean Performance by Julie Henderson
  • Pretty Boys on a Platter.- Catering latter: Beautiful Musicians to Japanese Women by Yamila Perez
  • Milton's Hell: A Land of Punishment for the Misuse of Free Will and Hope by Réme Bohlin
  • Harmony to Behold in Wedded Pair: Viewing Marriage through Milton's Paradise Lost by Bryce Holewinski
  • This Side of the Womb: Conceptions of Innocence in Titus Andronicus and The Winter's Tale by Shannon Jaime
  • Snow's Two Cultures and Whittier College by Nicholas Dante
  • Dan Graham's Past Future Split Attention: The Question of 'Who am I? by Kyrah Leal
  • Dada is Not Quiet by Patrick Norton
  • The Importance of the Protagonist as a Political Tool in Germinal, Mary Barton, and Hunger by Boryana Tsenkova
  • Portland's Zoobombers by Carlee Shults
  • The Domestic Sphere: A Guide to the Inner Workings of Gothic Characters by Apollonia Galvan
  • Maria Sharapova: Tennis Champion, International Icon, Marketing Superstar by Marcus Arman
  • A Defense of Epicurean Ethics by Julia-Ellen Spruill-Smith
  • You Know I Don't Speak Mexican!: A Linguistic Look at, like, Clueless? by Carlee Shults
  • Language and Loss: The Relationship Between J.P. Patel and Power by Nicole Beauchamp
  • Travel as Neocolonialism: The Tourist and Rainmaker as Self-Interested Takers by Yamila Perez
  • Tortuous Language and the Language of Torture: Authority, Allegory, and Ambiguity in Coetzee's Waiting for the Barbarians by Mary Helen Truglia

2011 Literary Review (no. 24)