Part of the new core curriculum at Whittier College, faculty and students in first-year seminars participate in project-based learning, or PBL. PBL offers a memorable and meaningful opportunity for faculty and students to dive into deep learning. PBL also emphasizes praxis (the unity of theory and practice), a signature hallmark feature of a Whittier education. PBL as a kind of applied and experiential learning builds and enhances multiple transferable competencies to prepare students for future courses and careers: problem-solving/critical thinking skills, creativity, interdisciplinary learning/research skills, information and digital literacy skills, teamwork / collaboration skills, communication (oral and written) skills, and more! PBL encourages, challenges, and assists students with achieving the following objectives: to critically and creatively approach a complex, challenging problem or question with real-world significance from one or more disciplinary perspectives; to collaborate in teams to research, construct, and present solutions to the complex problem through the creation of a group project; to present their group project in a culminating or concluding public-facing presentation and a PBL expo (through this virtual space); and to engage in robust writing assignments which support and accompany the project as well as introduce students to the expectation of college writing.


Browse the First Year Seminars in Project-Based Learning Collections:

Green Religion - Rosemary P. Carbine, Religious Studies and Environmental Justice Studies

Hungry for Sustainability - Anna Bowen, Biology and Environmental Science

Sci-Fi, Horror and Crime Fiction - Tony Barnstone, English

Social Media and our Social Lives - Becky Overmyer-Velazquez, Sociology

The Power of Nonviolence - Deborah Norden, Political Science