Date of Award

Spring 5-1-2023

Document Type

Research Paper

Publication Title

Opioids: The Silent Painkillers of the 21st Century


Whittier Scholars Program

First Advisor

Melanie Householder


First Issue:


This research paper is not solely meant for college academics to add to the tedious job of reading and grading another senior symposium. Instead, I hope this reading finds numerous individuals inside and outside the college institution. It’s important to spread awareness to the general public about opioid addiction, pharmaceutical corruption, and the overall health (well-being) of individuals who live in present day American society.

This paper is organized into numerous sections detailing the history and mass production of pharmaceutical opioids within the United States. The author then focuses on the drug OxyContin for its role within the opioid epidemic and gives the reader a close description of its manufacturer's corrupted tactics. Some sections are broken down into more subdivision portions to help the reader understand the information in further depth. The full contents can be seen on page four. The content page also acts as a mini summary of the entire paper.