Date of Award

Spring 5-1-2023

Document Type

Research Paper


Whittier Scholars Program

First Advisor

Joe Donnelly


American football can be described as beautiful while also having its fair share of ugliness. What makes football so appealing to the average fan? Why is it that we can’t seem to keep our eyes away from watching football? It all starts with the National Football League (NFL), evaluating the problems that arise with this league and how it’s had an effect on those who are a part of it. Billions of dollars are brought in on an annual basis, the NFL is the biggest sports league in the country. However, concerns arise when diving deep into the reality of football, seeing it for what it truly is: violent. Constant concussions that ultimately lead to CTE in the vast majority of former players, as well as other fatal injuries suffered on the field. Additionally, football's parallels to American society and religion make it the powerhouse it is. The lack of cultural diversity in leadership, while being on a national stage, does no favors for setting an example to the rest of the country. We raise our eyebrows at the effect football has on those who actively participate in the sport. Perhaps we’re enjoying the sport of football too much, looking past its flaws.