Date of Award

Spring 5-1-2023

Document Type

Research Paper


Whittier Scholars Program

First Advisor

Cean Colcord

Second Advisor

Scott Creley


My research paper consists of researching the experiences of students with disabilities in higher education as well as the history of disabilities acts, what has changed for SWD's in higher education and how we can make more accommodations for higher education. Furthermore, I will be discussing the stigma behind disability as well as include research about accommodation strategies and how accommodations have improved in recent years. The research paper will also entail how online learning during the COVID pandemic has affected students with disabilities in higher education and how inequity as well as the lack of face to face interaction has hindered students with disabilities during the pandemic. This would also explain the difference university/college size has on the individual. I decided to also include my story as a student with a hidden disability. My educational story would entail the extra hard work and resilience I had to display only went to showcase that most student's with disabilities, hidden or not, have to work two to three times as hard as the typical student. My abstract conveys how SWD's pursuing higher education should and would benefit from accommodations.Finally, my research is to apply how we must prioritize SWD's needs, find new ways to innovate our college curriculum, and provide the necessary counseling for those students as they are considered high risk of dropping out. This research paper is also to demonstrate how with the right guidance and installment of transformative leadership for all educators helping their students in need.