Date of Award

Spring 5-1-2023

Document Type


First Advisor

Rebeccca Overmyer-Velazquez

Second Advisor

Scott Creley


A Pew research study found that one in five Black people in America are immigrants or are children of immigrants. We see the rise of immigration, but the vast majority of studies still treat Black people as a monolith. Much research on the “Black experience” never specifies the ethnic background of those they are interviewing and when speaking about race it conflates the experiences without giving context to why those experiences are different. Much research uses Black people or African Americans hide behind the clear distinction of those they interview.For my project I am studying, How Black immigrants and Native Black Americans experience higher education differs and why. I highlight three main ideas that occurred regularly within the literature I researched. 1. These ways that American societies view these two groups and how it affects their experience in higher education. 2. The discussion around high admission and attainment rates of Black immigrants in higher education and the low rates of Native Black Americans in higher education. 3. The way both communities individually see themselves and the impact of the first two points on these communities. I review 20 sources on where research about these communities is currently at academically, how well the studies are conducted, and the value of the information that we learn from it. With that information, we can start the conversation and later systematic change, on how to give different groups of Black people the different support that is needed to be successful in higher education.

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