Date of Award

Spring 5-1-2023

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Research Paper


Whittier Scholars Program

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Douglas Manuel II


My capstone project is looking at homeschooling as an educational path. I started with researching homeschooling and studies done to show the affects, outcomes, and comparisons of homeschooling with other methods commonly used such as Public or Private schools. I then read a few books and material that fall into the memoir and researched memoir genre, such as Educated, to understand how the voice and gain familiarity of memoir writing and the process of researching into your own life and history.

I have been looking back on my education of growing up homeschooled and writing scenes from those memories, recognizing the areas I greatly enjoyed and love homeschooling and the times where I found it failed me personally. I am continuously asking my parents and family about details and information about our homeschooling to gain a more well-rounded picture of what was happening and collaborating, or disproving, what I have originally conceived and imagine in my mind. These scenes will ultimately tied together in a reflective memoir of my education and how it affected my personal growth and identity I live with today.

My project of writing a short memoir, looking at growing up homeschooled can allow for several things to happen: A look into one of many different and unique homeschool situations and families, confront homeschool stigmatization often seen, and lastly provide a resource where individuals (perhaps parents, or other peers) can gain insight into homeschooling’s success and failures as an education method and create a more well-rounded viewpoint on homeschooling. I am creating a piece roughly 15-20pgs at least to look into the events and decisions that lead to my family homeschooling, reflect over these points in time, and discussing how they created the larger picture of my education, and allowed me to be who I am today.

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