Beneath the Balkan Skies: a Kosovo Story through the Eyes of Albanian Filmmakers


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Date of Award

Spring 5-2-2023

Document Type

Multimedia Files (video/audio)


Whittier Scholars Program

First Advisor

Scott Creley


In this abstract, the production of a short documentary film on female empowerment in Albanian culture is covered, with a special emphasis on female filmmakers. “Beneath the Balkan Skies: a Kosovo Story Through the Eyes of Albanian Filmmakers” is a short documentary of just 10 minutes. The film chronicles two Albanian filmmakers, named Sevdije Kastrati and Blerta Basholli, with the purpose of sharing their story and how they found immense success through a tough, war-ridden childhood. The film opens with an intro covering Kosovo’s history, an introduction to the two filmmakers, interviews with them, and an outro that ties everything together. Ultimately, the film strives to support the empowerment of Albanian women in Kosovo by highlighting their hardships, but more importantly–– their accomplishments.

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Artist statement about this project.

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