Date of Award

Fall 11-30-2023

Document Type

Research Paper

First Advisor

Margo Kaatz


The community is so fascinated about hearing stories about true crime and how they commit the crime. People that handle these cases have some type of knowledge of criminal justice and know what they look for. What helps get to the end of a case is criminal profiling; it puts an image of who might have committed the crimes. The information that is used for criminal profiling is collected at the scene or the victims depending on what the crime is. Even after they collect information about who might have committed the crimes, the profile created for the criminal is not an official image of who did it. This helps the community know who to look out for and what the officers can look at if the individual strikes again. Criminal profiling helps the community keep a look out for the criminal. This lit review will focus on how criminal profiling is used in the criminal justice field. Throughout this lit review it would explain the history of criminal profiling and when it’s used. It will talk about a recent case that was solved after ten years. It will expand on the impact that criminal profiling does to the criminal justice field.