Date of Award

Spring 4-11-2024

Document Type

Research Paper


Whittier Scholars Program

First Advisor

Kristen Smirnov

Second Advisor

Scott Creley


As technology evolves, social media platforms continue to rise. Brands can now utilize social media to promote their products, whether that is through influencers, creative content on the companies pages, or paid for ads. This project provides a deeper look into how impactful Social Media Marketing is, for better or for worse, with a concentration on brands catered towards women, and Tik tok marketing. Brands this project focuses on range from small businesses such as Stacked LA, a business in Uptown Whittier, to worldwide brands, such as Fenty Beauty. Upon researching and working as a social media intern, it is clear that going viral can take a brand from slow to successful, or successful to controversial.