Date of Award

Spring 4-23-2024

Document Type

Research Paper

Publication Title

Whittier Scholars Program


Whittier Scholars Program

First Advisor

Scott Creley


This Senior Project is a Generative and Research Thesis based around the techniques and aesthetics of Transmedia storytelling that are used when dabbling in World Building. It includes three interconnected creative pieces: 2 flash fiction stories and a short screenplay, all revolving and connected to the story world of my creation, Marubia. These stories exist in a world going through a technopoaclypse; Robotic creatures wield magic against their Human brothers in arms, slaved to the command of a Dark God. The Transmedia Aesthetics coined by Professor Geoffrey Long, specifically Resonant Simple-Story Myths, Fractal Storytelling, and World-Centric Narrative Design were pivotal in crafting the praxis components of this Senior Project. By examining these three aesthetics and using them to guide the paths of my story, this Senior Thesis begs the question: How do Transmedia Aesthetics provide the building blocks to create a narratively rich world that can be experienced in different mediums across decades?