Date of Award

Spring 5-1-2023

Document Type

Research Paper

Publication Title

Creating Your Own Business: BB Photography


Whittier Scholars Program

First Advisor

Kristen Smirnov


It is no easy task to build a brand from scratch. The decisions that you make about your brand play a major role in its success. The goal of this marketing plan is to ensure that the decisions that you make are structured and relevant. This paper analyzes the current and the future market of the photography industry and sets up a structure to formulate a functional photography studio. It assesses both strengths and weaknesses of creating a photography business as well as look into factors that may externally affect the nature of the businesses growth. You will be provided three major marketing objectives and various options that the business may take in order to fulfill these objectives. Through this paper, you will learn the importance of planning and research of the market, the target audience, the internal/external factors, and many others when building a brand.