How Life Appeared, Creation or Evolution? The Beliefs of People on How Life Began through Creationism or Evolution

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Rebecca Overmyer-Velazquez


Earth is a place filled with discovery, life, and creation, but how did this all began? Most people believed that all life came to be from the process of evolution, while some people believed that the Earth and all life was made from creationism. This in turn causes conflicts between people’s opinions on how life originated on planet Earth. However, this may relate to people’s backgrounds such as those who believe in creationism may have a religious background or believe that religious events that took place in the bible or in other religious teachings reflect on their view of the world. People who believe in evolution will have a background in scientific knowledge and will believe scientific facts and discoveries that support the theory of evolution. The research conducted here will discuss how people’s beliefs in creationism and evolution will reflect on how they view the world and its origins. This research focuses on college students to examine how their beliefs reflect how they believe that life came to be. Here at least 48 surveys have been distributed and completed within three different classes, one biology class, one religion class, and one anthropology class. The research conducted here adds new information to previous research studies on how people believed life originated and how their views reflect on their perception of the world. The results of this study argue that some people believe in a combination of both creationist and evolutionary ideas, forming a hybrid of both beliefs.


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