What About Us? A Student Perspective On The Accessibility of Community College Transfer Resources

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Rebecca Overmyer-Velazquez


The purpose of this research project is to analyze the perception students have towards the accessibility of transfer resources at three community colleges located in greater Los Angeles. It is understood that community colleges serve underrepresented students attempting to transfer to traditional four-year institutions. However, the majority of students who are attempting to do so are not successful. The combined transfer rate from the community colleges participants attended to the CSU and UC systems is 3.34% (The California State University & University of California, 2016). Due to the current statistics, this research project attempts to provide an answer as to why community college students are not transferring at greater rates. This topic needs to be given attention because it is currently impacting historically disenfranchised communities such as Latinos which make up the majority of the ethnically diverse population of Los Angeles and California. I hypothesized that current students perceive transfer resources, such as advisors, as tools that are not easily accessible. A total of 180 surveys were administered adjacent to the community college participants attended. Participants were randomly selected individuals who identified as current college students. The data collected contradicts my original hypothesis, which was that there was a lack of accessibility to transfer resources. The collected data show transfer resources as accessible, however students are not meeting with transfer advisors because they lack the proper knowledge of the differing roles of these institutional agents such as academic counselors and transfer advisors. This research project contributes to the awareness of the challenges community college students continue to face as they attempt to transfer to traditional four-year institutions. Additionally, this research highlights current transitional programs of community colleges that are working to increase transfer rates so that students can further their education at a traditional four-year institution.


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