Literature Review: Factors that Impact High School Students Attending College

Date of Award

Spring 2014

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First Advisor

Rebecca Overmyer-Velazquez


The focus of this literature review is the on factors that help high-school students go to college, as well as the potential dangers while on the road to college that can deter students from going to college. Researchers pay attention to how high schools help students get to college and if there are any other influences such as socioeconomic status (SES), family problems, job expectations, or cultural diversity that impact whether students go to college. The overall main focus of this paper is to target the problems that seem to persist on the path to college for many students so that we can find a way around them. While the literature reviewed does not have all the answers to these problems it brings a certain light to the problem so that future college-bound students may become more aware of the challenges they face on the road to college. Within this literature contains how well the high school system within both public and private high schools have significantly changed to help its students try and graduate from high school and lead them down the path to college. However, with data I collected from preceding qualitative and quantitative studies conducted by researchers as to high-school completion and college acceptance; some students don't see the path to college or even graduating high school within their grasp. In conducting my own research, I would set up a qualitative interview with students from public or private high schools that have graduated or did not earn his or her diploma. In addition, students with or without college intention, would also be included within the interview process. My overall objective is to comprehend what their experiences were like in high school and how their school helped them or hinder them from seeking higher education. The reason I chose this particular project is that through my own personal experience with fellow high school graduates within both the public and private high schools. I've noticed not a lot of students wanted to go to college they decided to either start families or start working, or they dropped out from high school, and I wanted to know why such misfortunes happened to these students who had such prominent futures of wanting to go to college after high school.


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