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Fall 2021

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J. Stanley Sanders was part of the class of 1963. In a series of three interviews, Stan discusses his academic and athletic accomplishments with student research team leader, Danni Salinas ['22] at Whittier College with special regard to race. The interview highlights Sanders' experience in higher education as an African American man. The interview content contains personal anecdotes from Sander's childhood, upbringing, and life after and before Whittier College.

Stan Sanders No 17, 2021.mp4 (901566 kB)
Nov. 17, 2021 video interview

Stan Sander Dec 2, 2021 (2.1).mp4 (921502 kB)
Dec. 2, 2021 part 1 video interview

Stan Sanders Dec 2, 2021(2.2).mp4 (614603 kB)
Dec. 2, 2021 part 2 video interview

Stan Sanders Dec 11, 2021 (2).mp4 (629254 kB)
Dec. 11, 2021 video interview