Theses/Dissertations from 2020

The Vegan Movement: A Case Study of Activism, Lillian Ashby

Compelled To be Bad: A Critical Examination of How Online Anti-Vaccination Groups Are Used in the Resistance to not Vaccinate, Amelia Bell

Nones and Dones: An Exploration of Secularization as a Continuum of Spirituality, Eliza Bower

The Female Athlete Experience: A Multigenerational Examination, Samantha Casañas

“Emo Kids”: Identifying Who they Really are and the Role the Media has Played on the Culture, Genesis Cruz

“These Hipsters Don’t Seem to Understand”: How Gentrification Reduces Community Trust in Search of Public Safety in Echo Park, Elvira De La Torre

Madres e Hijas Mexicanas: Cultural Transmission of the Sexual Pleasure Gender Gap, Natalie Graf

Educators Inability to Address Whiteness: Unpacking Race in education and its Effects on the Achievement Gap, Sydney Lawler

Perception of Military Family Programming: The Need for Formal and Informal Support Network Integration, Neylon O'Grady

The Misconceived Familia: A critical examination on the intersectionality of the persevering gang member in the subculture of East Los Angeles and Maravilla, Natasha Rubalcava

An Analysis of Fashion Sustainability and Moving Towards a Global Fashion Industry Shift, Priscilla Stout

What Does Our Gender Got to do With It? Focusing on (Female) Musicians, Nicole Vigueria

Theses/Dissertations from 2019

Advocating for the ‘other’: social factors contributing to allyship-based activism, focusing on social justice and animal rights activism, Charley Aguirre