Theses/Dissertations from 2020

The Vegan Movement: A Case Study of Activism, Lillian Ashby

Compelled To be Bad: A Critical Examination of How Online Anti-Vaccination Groups Are Used in the Resistance to not Vaccinate, Amelia Bell

Nones and Dones: An Exploration of Secularization as a Continuum of Spirituality, Eliza Bower

The Female Athlete Experience: A Multigenerational Examination, Samantha Casañas

“Emo Kids”: Identifying Who they Really are and the Role the Media has Played on the Culture, Genesis Cruz

“These Hipsters Don’t Seem to Understand”: How Gentrification Reduces Community Trust in Search of Public Safety in Echo Park, Elvira De La Torre

Madres e Hijas Mexicanas: Cultural Transmission of the Sexual Pleasure Gender Gap, Natalie Graf

Educators Inability to Address Whiteness: Unpacking Race in education and its Effects on the Achievement Gap, Sydney Lawler

Perception of Military Family Programming: The Need for Formal and Informal Support Network Integration, Neylon O'Grady

The Misconceived Familia: A critical examination on the intersectionality of the persevering gang member in the subculture of East Los Angeles and Maravilla, Natasha Rubalcava

An Analysis of Fashion Sustainability and Moving Towards a Global Fashion Industry Shift, Priscilla Stout

What Does Our Gender Got to do With It? Focusing on (Female) Musicians, Nicole Vigueria

Theses/Dissertations from 2019

Advocating for the ‘other’: social factors contributing to allyship-based activism, focusing on social justice and animal rights activism, Charley Aguirre

Racialization of the Great [White] Outdoors: What’s Up with Wilderness Recreation Being “White People S**t?”, Nora Berguem

The New Cheerful Robots: Workers of the Medical Knowledge Bureaucracy, Oliver Bineth

How Life Appeared, Creation or Evolution? The Beliefs of People on How Life Began through Creationism or Evolution, Andres Buendia

The Voices Left Behind: The Impacts of Dual Immersion in Bilingual Education, Gisselle Diaz

Get Ready With Me: Gendered Interactions on YouTube, Brianna Esparza

Caught in the Middle of Ethics and Profit: Can the Human Resources Department be Blamed for Persistent Sexual Harassment and the #MeToo Movement?, Mariana Garcia

Transnational and Transracial Adoptees: Finding Identity Among Strangers, Sopahn Kellogg

Latino Religiosity: Cultural changes across generations and the New Age Catholic, Esmeralda Martinez

Stressed Out and Underpaid: Alzheimer’s Care Workers, Jasmine Rangel

Confronting Gender Discrepancies in Teenage Pregnancy, Gabrielle Simpson

Between Bond and Bondage: Portrayal of Human Trafficking Survivors in Publication, Regina Loren Valencia

Theses/Dissertations from 2018

The End of the Road of Europeanization: an Analysis of Hungarian Exceptionalism in the Wake of ‘The European Migrant Crisis’, Seth Feldman

The More Things Change, The More they Stay the Same: An Investigation of How Women Perceive Their Own Relationships and The Second Shift, Maisi Felix

A Coachella Community: The Institutionalization of Music Festival Culture, Colin-James K. Fellezs

“Where Are We Now? Measuring Social Capital and Civic Engagement in South L.A.”, Fabiola Flores

Evaluating our Self-Empowerment Tool Kit: The Positive Effects of Community-Based Programs on the Mexican American Immigrant Integration Experience, Sarah Montoya

Learning the Difference: From Young Adults with Learning Disabilities, Melanie Rizzotti

Stereotype threat: Women Not Confident enough to “Role” with the Boys, Alma Vallin

Theses/Dissertations from 2017

Millennials: Have We Really Transcended Gender Norms?, Leslie Caamal

Multiracial Children’s Perceptions of Their Parents’ Marriages, Alexis Dods

Becoming an Asset Within the Hospitality Industry, Giselle Gonzalez

Does Neighborhood Matter? Neighborhood Effects on Adolescent Education, Katia Gonzalez

Neoliberalism in the Barrio: A Case Study of the Metro Rail Gold Line Eastside Extension in Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles, Christina Ibarra

Theater as a Catalyst for Social Change, Alyse James

Guilty Perpetrator or Innocent Victim?: An Analysis of the Social Construction of Diabetes., Amanda Keller

Millennials: How Do We Love?, Holly Lyons

Black Male Students’ Perception of their Experience and Purpose in Higher Education Institutions, William Maxton

Theses/Dissertations from 2016

Community-Law Enforcement Cohesion, Marcell Blow

Affect, Krista Brockman

Trust, Social Networks, and Homelessness in Suburban Los Angeles, Scarlett R. Cazares

Posttraumatic Stress IS a Social Disorder, Tyler Garfield

Out of Practice: Inclusive Education and The Teaching of Special Needs Students in Southern California Public Schools, Alyssa Mendez

The Effect of Socioeconomic status on Educational Achievement, Lucas Millar

The Sexual Socialization of Millennials: Are we talking about sex?, Cynthia Montoya

No But Really, Where Are You FROM? : Asian American Students and the Model Minority Myth, Stephanie Okuaki

Community-Based Organizations and the School-to-Prison Pipeline, Caley Rittman

Who Will Survive in America: The Mass Media’s Fascination With Kanye Wes, Andrew E. Salazar

What About Us? A Student Perspective On The Accessibility of Community College Transfer Resources, Lisardy Velasco

College Students Perceptions of Interracial Relationships: I approve as long as I don’t have to participate, Maisie Webb

Food Waste on college campuses, Driving Forces and Possible Solution, Brennan West

Theses/Dissertations from 2015

Selfies or Selfless: An Investigation of Millennial Volunteers, Grace Battista

What is the Quality of Community at Whittier College?, Arica Rodriguez